Bitcoin Stealer v1.4

we made the sample free . Here we have a Virus that replaces any BTC address in a users clipboard with your own address. This means that you are sent bitcoins from many different sources
We have been using this software for awhile now. It is undetectable from Anti virus programs.
We setup 3 torrents with the .exe file inside. The torrent software installs perfectly and the simple code gets on to the target computer. The code is so simple that it's never found.
Here is the address we used

Our Bitcoin Stealer wallet

The cost of this excellent product is 0.05 BTC
Its very easy to make huge profits very quickly.With time and effort your first 100 bitcoins should be easy.
Its very cool.

Free version below

Paid version of builder. Cant be stopped , hides in taskmanager, starts after reboot + more

After payment of 0.05 BTC to 1ibY2cWoEYFVM2bRXaNVm2brBD1uvrjUg contact us with your Email address and the files will be sent or buy from paid link above instant delivery

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