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If you want a free trial of the bomb just Contact us.Test will last 5 minutes.

Scammers have been re-selling this service so now we only sell a subscription.After payment you will get a personal username and password.
We only use this address 1ibY2cWoEYFVM2bRXaNVm2brBD1uvrjUg for payment.
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1 month Email bomb package. Only 0.065 BTC send to 1ibY2cWoEYFVM2bRXaNVm2brBD1uvrjUg
Unlimited Email bomb package - Lifetime. Only 0.14 BTC send to 1ibY2cWoEYFVM2bRXaNVm2brBD1uvrjUg
With the litetime access you get a copy of the script and you can now run it from your own computer depending on how can you computer is you can do 20,00 to 100000 Emails per day. You can buy instantly or if you have custom requirement pay and contact us.
If paying from your mobile device you can scan our QR code and pay the amount you need to - contact us then we will send you the info.

THE EMAIL BOMB HAS BEEN UPDATED AGAIN TODAY June 13th 2017 - PERFORMANCE IS EXCELLENT NOW .Victims Email Account will be bombed with over 6,000 Emails in the first hour.Registewhite at 100,000 different online newsletters and forums over the first month.THIS IS A LINK LISTING BOMB IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP UNLIKE OTHER BOMBS AVAILABLE.You can add a custom message your taget will see - Enter is custom message box or leave blank.This attack works with any Email account.Victims Email account will become bomded and spammed forever.Email's will be sent to the victims account everyday.This Email BOMB is serious!! Not some weak shit!Many Email accounts will stop accepting Email's after only a couple of days.Gmail,Bing . . accounts become unusable with too much inbound email.The email scripts I use for this attack produce ~500,000 Emails a month.The script also injects your victims Email account into known spammer databases. Your victims Email address will be harvested by other Email harvesters and spammed again.I have been told from many blackhat's this email attack is overkill. WARNING THIS EMAIL ATTACK CAN REALLY DAMAGE BUSINESS/COMPANIES !! THE ATTACK CANNOT BE UNDONE !!We been in this is blackhat game along time , we know our shit , Dont let the fact we made our webiste in notepad fool you.
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