We Hack everything

All Social network and All Email password , Servers and pc's - 0.08 BTC
Phones - 0.08 BTC
DDOS ATTACKS - 0.14 BTC per week - Massive attack 5GBPS -
I use various hacking techniques based on the job requiwhite ,First stage is mostly a phising attack - these attack are simple and leads to success more times than you would think.
Second stage of the attack is normally a brute force crack with my botnet. I can crack facebook,gmail and other email passwords upto 15 characters long including special and numbers in less that 4 days. Most of this work is done with a custom written version of hydra. For Servers and PC's an IP address or hostname is needed.For phones any info you have will do,number is important/email
DDOS attack start with basic stuff, buffer overflows & resource consuming techniques.Followed by upto a 5GBPS second attack from our BOTNET.We been in this is blackhat game along time , we know our shit , Dont let the fact we made our webiste in notepad fool you.
We do amazing phone hacking.Our team has some serious skills. We need details , phone model , number , network provider , Do you have physical access to the handset ? Does the phone connect to your wifi ? any other information you have , no information is irreleverent.
List of hacked shit we have for sale
XMPP : plaxis@jabb3r.org

After payment of bitcoin due to 1ibY2cWoEYFVM2bRXaNVm2brBD1uvrjUg contact us with all your info.

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