Paypal Transfers

We send PAYPAL transfers & SKRILL , upto 10,000 USD
We have a 90% success rate in cashing out. often the user is a fault.
Follow our instructions and you will 100% cashout and be happy
We have package below, if you need custom contact us

500 USD transfer - 0.05 BTC
1000 USD transfer - 0.1 BTC
2000 USD transfer - 0.25 BTC
5000 USD transfer - 0.5 BTC

After successful transfer you must go onto a forum and post about us. Then send us the link. If you do this you get a discount code for next time.

We do not offer escrow - we want paid when you do. Transfers happen after payment. If you want to know more about us use google Click here to google us

After payment of BTC to 1ibY2cWoEYFVM2bRXaNVm2brBD1uvrjUg contact us we cash you out fast then come back. Contact us

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