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Check some of these out --- “536.727 MerlinsMagicBitcoin.com PHPBB Cryptocurrency 2017
514.409 BitcoinTalk.org Forum sha256crypt (469,540) & SMS (44,869) Cryptocurrency 2015-05
568.357 BTE.com scrypt & SHA-512 & no passwords Cryptocurrency 2016-10
21.439 BTC4Free.com plaintext Cryptocurrency 2016-01
3.153 Bitcoin.Lixter.com plaintext Cryptocurrency 2016-09
1.780 BitLeak.Net MyBB Cryptocurrency 2014-03
28.298 Dogewallet.com MD5 & plaintext Cryptocurrency 2014-01
61.011 MtGox.com md5crypt Cryptocurrency 2011-06
34.513 Bitscircle.com bcrypt Cryptocurrency-Bitcoin
10.855.376 Bitcoinsec forum Plaintext Cryptocurrency-Bitcoin201
3.149 Thebitcoinshop.pixub.com Plaintext” 12,000,000 user entries

The price to have 500,000 Emails spammed is 0.04 BTC per 500K - We can do upto 15 million. Massive traffic spikes on your site we send 500K emails in 1.5 hours We can spam 900,000 Jabber users in 2 hours - most jabbers users use BTC . Massive traffic spikes on your sites - this services costs 0.05 BTC

We have a massive database of BTC forums , We spam round with an ad posting it in loads of forums to do with cryptocurrency- Really good and effective way to get BTC traffic to your site-long last effects. This service is 0.04 BTC

XMPP : plaxis@jabb3r.org

After payment of bicoin due to 1ibY2cWoEYFVM2bRXaNVm2brBD1uvrjUg contact us with your request

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